Times when Diabetes leads to buying of incontinence underwear for men!


Many people think that diabetes has only to do with white crystal sugar. That you get a restriction on eating sweets and desserts. But new studies have found a relationship between diabetes and incontinence. There are people who have diabetes and buy incontinence underwear for men Australia or women. This does help. But buying the best incontinence pads (Australia) does not treat the condition. It only helps. Also, there are situations when diabetes leads to incontinence. And gaining knowledge works like a weapon in your hands to ward off the enemy.

Relation between diabetes and incontinence underwear!

Diabetes is deadly. It gradually depresses the body down to the grave. Or it gradually depresses the mind down to stress. But there are ways out. Studies show that Diabetes has become an epidemic in the US and UK. So what actually is it?

What will happen to your vehicle if it won’t be able to make use of oil and fuel effectively? Your vehicle will gradually seal down at some point of time. This same happens in the human body too. The body converts broken down food into glucose which then enters your bloodstream. This glucose needs to be then introduced into your cells to give them energy. This happens with the help of insulin that works like a gateway or transporter. When you lack insulin, the sugar stays in your blood and gets high, which then leads to high blood sugar levels. This is called diabetes.

So how does diabetes lead to incontinence?

When diabetes leads to incontinence!

As we have discussed above how diabetes impacts the body, we will now see its relation with incontinence. People suffering from diabetes have been found to gain weight. Also, this happens otherwise too. Obesity in people also leads to diabetes.

So, what are all these causes that diabetes leads to, which then further leads to incontinence and buying of incontinence underwear for men (Australia)?

  • Constipation
  • Obesity or Excess Weight
  • Urinary Tract Infection due to compromised immune system.
  • Nerve Damage

When a person is obese, the excess weight then puts pressure upon the pelvic organs that then puts further pressure on pelvic muscles. Now, we all know how pelvic muscles function. These muscles support the pelvic organs, bladder and bowel control, and sexual functions, etc. When these muscles face excess weight then they are made to do, they get weak. This weakening leads to it sagging down on the bladder. This leads to leaking out of urine during some stressful moments like cough, sneeze, jerk, etc. The best way to treat this is weight management. Buying the best incontinence pads Australia supports the person during the healing process. The same thing happens in constipation when we put excess pressure and thus weaken the pelvic floor muscles.

A person having high blood sugar gradually faces nerve damage because of the overall affected body. This nerve damage leads to Reflux Incontinence where the person fails to control the urine and defecation due to loss of control.

This also leads to the immune system getting compromised that fails to control infections effectively. When an infection happens in the urinary tract, it affects the muscles and nerves around. This leads to incontinence again. A study had found recurring UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) to be the major cause behind diabetic women being incontinent.

If you are suffering from incontinence already, buying some quality incontinence underwear for men (Australia) or women is an option. It will be of use and help you gain confidence in public. But make sure it does not lead to diaper-dependency which acts as an obstruction between treating incontinence successfully.

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