How to Use Essential Oils for Colds


Yes, essential oils have been used for health and medicinal purposes for many years. These oils are made using extraction or distillation of various parts of plants. They are known to offer great physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. In the same way, essential oils are used for different purposes like cold, cough, detoxification, anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral therapy, and much more. Besides, essential oils have always been used initially for medicinal purposes, but now they are slowly used in everyday life also. So, if your go-to cold medicine isn’t providing much relief you can consider using alternative remedies like essential oils. They are good at treating congestion and other symptoms of a cold. Further, read here to know more about essential oils for Cold & Flu.

How to use these essential oils for Cold & Flu

  • You can add a few drops of essential oil to your bath for getting from cold symptoms. Also, it’s good at treating aches, fever and a general feeling of sickness.
  • To directly inhale, add 3 drops of these oils to a cotton ball or handkerchief and inhale.
  • Another great method is steam inhalation, where you need to put 7 drops of this oil in a large pot of boiling water and then lean over it (covering your head) to inhale the goodness of this essential oil.

Top essential oils for cold


This is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial. It has also immune-stimulating properties which give your body the boost it needs to fight cold symptoms.


This oil is natural and fresh – it brings positivity and energizes your mood and body. It can alleviate muscle tension and heighten your immune system in changing climates.


Ginger is renowned for its remedial benefits for nausea. Its spicy scent can lighten the stubborn symptoms of illness, keeping your mind and body fresh.


This gentle oil can refocus and cleanse your mental energy. Equally is considered good at treating muscle pain and stubborn respiratory conditions.


Do you know this zesty and fresh peppermint oil is a perfect mood lifter? This is a beneficial cold remedy – its unique aroma eases stress and works on your olfactory system to ease exhaustion and irritability.


This menthol oil is made from the leaves of variant mint plants, such as peppermint – which naturally relaxes and cools the mind and body. Equally, it’s sharp scent work to open the respiratory system to ease the effects of congestion.


This fragrant woody scent oils have been used in healing remedies since the 16th century. It strengthens the immune system, however making it a perfect component to boost the body’s fight against infection.


Camphor oil helps clear the lungs to increase respiratory circulation and promotes the feeling of freshness and clarity in the individual using this oil. It’s also known to boost the immune system and helps in fighting viral infections.

Bottom lines

Essential oils have so many wonderful, beneficial qualities – individually when it comes to the flu or cold season.

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