Early and Late Dental Implant Problems


Dealing with a missing tooth? Of course, having a missing tooth can be a traumatized experience for most people. But, with the advancement in dentistry, you have different ways to get this fixed. One such option is Dental implants which are considered the best solution for missing teeth. Besides, they look and work exactly like your natural teeth. A dental implant is a metal post that’s embedded into your gum and works as an artificial bone to support your tooth. Moreover, this dental implant procedure has a success rate of 98%, but some people may experience dental implant failure also. Further, if you are scheduled to have dental implant surgery, here’s something you need to know about early and late dental implant troubles. Check out here.

Early dental implant failures 

Infection at the implant site 

This is the most common early dental implant problem. When you get your implant surgery done you may feel a little discomfort during the initial few days. This is because you have something different (foreign) in your mouth and you are not used to it. The condition is peri-implantitis which can occur any time from the time of implant surgery to several months after. Other dental infections include gingivitis, periodontal disease, etc. Besides, conditions like autoimmune disease, smoking, and poor health hygiene can also lead to infection.

Causes Allergic reactions 

Most dental implants are produced with titanium alloy, which may contain small bits of nickel also. This can trigger some allergic reactions in some patients in the form of a tingling sensation or burning sensation. If this is the case, mention a titanium allergy to your oral surgeon and ask him for an implant with different materials.

Side effects of medicines 

Some medications can also trigger tooth implant problems. For instance, if you take medications like bisphosphonates after the implant surgery, you may encounter dental implant problems. Thus, you must discuss your medications and supplements, both past and present, with your dentist who will take necessary proactive steps to guarantee the success of your tooth implant.

Late tooth implant failures

Damage of nerve/tissues 

During the tooth implant surgery, some nerves or tissues may get damaged. Such damages might cause early dental implants failure. Symptoms of this may include tingling or numbness in the teeth, gums, lips and rest of the face.

Foreign material rejection 

Though this happens in rare cases, it is possible. Sometimes, your body may consider the tooth implant as foreign material and may reject it and its integration. If this happens, it will block the success of the tooth implant.

Lack of jaw bone in the mouth 

You need sufficient bone in your jaw to support the tooth implant. Lack of bone in the jaw can cause tooth implant difficulties as there wouldn’t be sufficient bone to support the implant.

Final verdict 

It’s proven that dental implant has a high success rate. But they may fall for some reason. If you feel your tooth implant is failing don’t hesitate to consult your doctor as soon as

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