9 Depression Symptoms to Look Out For


The mood naturally fluctuates and everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives. But in some cases, mood changes become long-lasting, affect their relationship with people, affect their ability to sustain in a job, etc. A mood disorder is characterized by several symptoms like feeling sad, unmotivated, distressed, excessively tired or losing interest in one’s pleasurable activities. Being unhappy and depression isn’t the same. Below-given are the 9 depression symptoms that determine whether it’s time for you to consult a mental health professional.

1.  Loss of interest

Depression tends to take away the pleasure or enjoyment out of things that you love. Losing interest in activities that you once looked forward to like your favorite sport, fishing, books, a get-together with friends, etc are other signs that indicate major depression.

2. Increased fatigue and sleep problems

Do you find yourself dozing off more often? Sleep disturbances are considered to be fundamental in diagnosing depression. A 2003 study shows that these sleep disturbances can look different for everyone.

Another reason for losing interest in things you enjoy is because you feel tired. Depression often comes with an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and lack of energy, which can be one of the most debilitating symptoms of depression.

3. Anxiety

Depression is not the cause of anxiety but the two conditions often occur together. Nervousness, panic, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, heavy sweating, trouble focusing on things are some of the common symptoms of anxiety.

4. Changes in appetite and weight

People with depression may have fluctuations in their weight and appetite. This experience is not the same for each person. Some people won’t be hungry and lose weight, while others will have an increased appetite and gain weight.

5. Hopeless Outlook

The most common symptom of depression is having a hopeless or helpless outlook on your life. It affects the way you feel about your life in general. Worthlessness, self-hate, or inappropriate guilt are other feelings that cause depression.

6. Irritability in men

Symptoms of depression are different for each person and it affects the sexes differently. Irritability, escapist, misplaced anger, substance abuse are some of the common symptoms found in men with depression.

7. Social isolation

Do you feel a constant urge to stay under your covers all day? People with depression tend to isolate themselves from everyone as a result of untreated depression.

8. Uncontrollable emotions

People with depression may outburst of anger at one minute and the next they may be crying uncontrollably. Nothing outside of them prompted the change, but their emotions changes at a moment notice.

9. Looking at death

Depression is often connected with suicide and they will usually show the symptoms first. If you think your friends or close ones are at immediate risk of harming themselves then call 911 or your local emergency number.

Bottom lines

It is estimated that around 10% of people will at some point in their life suffer from depression. Get help from the suicide prevention hotline if you think someone is considering suicide.

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