7 Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Many times, the symptoms of IBS can be embarrassing, but you don’t have to suffer silently. Irritable bowel syndrome is a common gastrointestinal condition in which a person’s daily life is affected based on how his/her digestive system behaves. Unfortunately, it affects about 6 to 18% of people in the world where the person suffering may experience bloating, abdominal pain, painful bowel movements, diarrhea, and much more. However, health experts are not able to find an exact physical cause for IBS. But it’s believed when the communication between the gut and brain gets affected due to some reasons, one can witness the signs of irritable bowel syndrome. Read on here to know more about the signs and symptoms of IBS.

Abdominal pain and cramps

The most common infirmity among people with IBS is abdominal pain or cramping. The discomfort generally starts shortly after eating and may go away after a bowel movement. Diet low in FODMAPS may help alleviate the signs of IBS. But, if you experience severe pain and cramps in the lower abdomen region or overall, then you should seek a doctor’s help and run an IBS diagnosis.

Causes fatigue and joint pain

Are you feeling very tired and fatigued? Then this could be a sign of IBS. People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome also experience joint pain and it could be due to extra inflammation in the body.

Causes diarrhea or constipation

Bouts of diarrhea and constipation, or sometimes fluctuating between the two states are common symptoms of IBS. People with IBS often feel they need to stay home or near a lavatory for these reasons.

Presence of mucus in stool

It is common to pass a small amount of mucus in your stool. But, people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome may notice an increased amount of mucus in their stools.

Severe conditions like bloating

Feeling bloated is another great concern of IBS. Bloating refers to a collection of gas in the gut, which can cause the abdomen to feel full and rounder than normal state. So, if you are finding yourself reaching for elastic-waist pants after eating it could be a sign of IBS.

Experience excessive gas troubles

People with Irritable bowel syndrome experience excessive gas. Sometimes, publicly passing gas could be humiliating for these people – however making socializing difficult.

Difficulty in sleeping and brain fog

Do you know IBS is related to insomnia? If you wake up in the morning feeling unrested or wake up frequently then you may be suffering from IBS. Even research proves that people with IBS wake up with less freshness in the morning than people who do not have IBS. Besides, confusion, impaired judgment, and facing a hard time concentrating are other signs linked to IBS.

Summing up

IBS is a long-term health condition that affects a person’s well-being. However, the exact cause of IBS is not known. But certain factors like lifestyle changes, the inclusion of probiotics, stress management, exercise, drinking plenty of water and avoiding digestive stimulants, sugary stimulants can help you to reduce its symptoms.

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