14 Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. Normally, children may have some trouble to focus and behave at one time or another. However, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder do not just grow out of these common behaviors. The symptoms of ADHD do not stop, it continues and can be even severe and cause difficulty at home, at school, or with friends. A child with ADHD may talk too much, daydream a lot, may take unnecessary risk, have trouble taking runs, etc.

14 Signs of ADHD

1. Fidgeting

Those children suffering from ADHD often can’t sit still. They may try to fidget or squirm in the chair when they are forced to sit.

2.Emotional turmoil

Kids with ADHD may have trouble keeping their emotions in check and they may have outbursts of anger at appropriate times.

3. Self-focused behavior

The inability to recognize other people’s needs and desires is a common sign of ADHD. This behavior in ADHD patients leads to the next two signs: Interrupting and trouble waiting for their turn.

4. Interrupting

Children with ADHD have self-focused behavior and they often interrupt others while they are talking or butt into conversations.

5. Trouble waiting their turn

Kids with ADHD often find it difficult to wait for their turn when playing games with their friends or during classroom activities.

6. Problems playing quietly

Fidgetiness is the main cause of why children with ADHD have problems playing quietly. Due to this, they find it difficult to play quietly or engage in leisure activities.

7. Lack of focus

A kid with ADHD may have trouble listening, even when someone speaks to them directly. They may hear you, but they won’t be able to repeat back or respond to what you just said.

8. Unfinished tasks

Though kids with ADHD sow interest in a lot of different things, they might have problems in fishing them. They often shift to the next things that catch their interest before finishing the one they were doing.

9. Daydreaming

Daydreaming and being less involved than other kids is one of the signs of ADHD in kids.

10. Avoidance of tasks which needs extended mental effort

Children with ADHD have problems focusing on things and this causes them to avoid activities that require sustained mental effort.

11. Mistakes

Kids with ADHD often make careless mistakes as they have problems in following instructions that require planning and executing a plan.

12. Forgetfulness

There are more chances for them to forget their homework, daily routines, or to do chores.

13. Symptoms in multiple settings

Symptoms of the condition in more than one setting can be seen in children with ADHD.

14. Trouble getting organized

Keeping track of tasks and activities are most challenging for a child with ADHD.

Final thoughts

ADHD contributes to a series of problems which may include low self-esteem, troubled relationships, trouble paying attention, etc. Apart from all these, ADHD is treatable. Review all of the treatment options if your child is diagnosed with ADHD.

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