Top Medical Tests in Your 20s and 30s That Are Paramount


Once we get diagnosed with a certain disease, it is organic to visit a doctor. After all, checking with a health facility is what occurs as a primal thought in anyone’s mind. However, if one manages to go to the doctor every year, they can take care of their health and detect a prospective health condition. As soon as you enter your 20s or 30s, the body goes through several physical changes. In this feature, we will shed light on some of the most important tests that one must get done during this stage:

Blood Pressure

Owing to the high amount of sodium available in different foods in today’s time and everyone suffering from different kinds of stress, high blood pressure can happen to anyone. Shockingly, even the younger people develop high blood pressure issues when they don’t get themselves checked. Simply put, high blood pressure is chanted as a silent killer and might silence you for the rest of your life.

Therefore, it is good to visit a doctor every month to get the blood pressure checked. Or, if you have reservations about going out in public, you can even purchase an automatic blood pressure checking device.

Eye Exam

When was the last time you underwent an eye exam? Now that technology is all over the place, it is hard for all of us to create a demarcation between personal and professional time. A regular eye exam is important since eyes are the most essential organs of the human body.

They allow us to see this beautiful world and look around, god forbid if you overlook a major vision issue, you might have to undergo eye surgery in the future. So now is the best time to check with an eye doctor and see if you have any vision-related issues or not.

Cholesterol Profile

You have to get your cholesterol level checked because if it’s high, it could potentially be damaging every organ of your body. The CDC recommends even children to get checked for their cholesterol levels. Especially when one crosses their 20, it is crucial to check with a doctor.

If you have a family history of diabetes or heart disease, getting checked for this factor should become important for you. No wonder, timely diagnosis of any disease is better than being screened at a time when it’s already too late.

Screening Hepatitis C

According to the CDC, everyone above the age of 18 must get tested for hepatitis C. Once you get screened, you can rest assured about staying healthy. On the contrary, ignoring it with the sheer fear of getting ostracized from family and friends will be a big risk.

After all, when one person is affected by this disease, the others around them stand a chance to get infected as well. so it is best to get tested on time before things get out of hand. Even if one has to go through an ultrasound due to a major infection, it is best to get tested for hepatitis c too.

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