The Sexual Health Chatbot from Planned Parenthood


It’s a fact that adolescence is a period of risk-taking, particularly on sexual health. But many youngsters are not educated about their sexual and reproductive health concerns by their parents. However, a lack of education on sexual and reproductive health for adolescents may lead to unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and other health problems. Thus, communication between parents and adolescents regarding sexuality is important. As parents are important sources of sexual and reproductive health for every young adolescent and are likely to have a significant influence on their sexual attitudes and beliefs. But, because of the awkward nature of the subject, not all parents discuss this topic with their children and there’s where sexual chatbot comes in handy. Further, read here to know more about this Chatbot from Planned Parenthood 

Why there’s a need to use Sexual Health Chatbot? 

The sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents are mostly overlooked by the parents. They change a TV program or music video whenever things on sexual behavior or reproductive are discussed or shown. As a result, many teens are left in dark about salient issues playing a big role in their lives. This is a real dilemma that needs to be addressed. But the good news is today we live in the world of technology where people have tons of information literally at their fingertips. There are tons of reliable books, websites, and other communication sources which help both teens and adults get the right information at their hand.

Planned Parenthood 

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit association that provides fundamental sexual health care advice and related services to teens and adults. Few included STD testing and treatment services, birth control, abortion, infertility services, hormone therapy, and much more.  

Sexual Health Chatbot by Planned Parenthood 

This sexual health chatbot is a special creation by planned parenthood which can withstand the gap of sex education using the technology of artificial intelligence. It provides teenagers and adults – easy access to private and accurate sexual health information which most books and websites fail to provide.

Advantages of this Sexual Health Chatbot

  • Firstly it’s made with AI chat engine design and engineering.
  • The chatbot is capable of answering all your awkward questions about sexual health, growing up, relationships, intercourse and much more.
  • All the answers are supported by the learned health educators of Planned Parenthood – who are the most patronized providers of sexual education.
  • You need not feel embarrassed, random, or weird as this chatbot is uniquely designed to answer the real questions that teenagers have or generally ask.
  • Responds twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Equally, they are smarter, so the more you chat the more you will understand real things.
  • Above all, chatting with this chatbot is free and private. So, you can keep going ahead asking things that you generally fear to ask with others.

Final statement 

Sex education is a must for your teen. However, it’s a parent’s responsibility as it helps your child create a better attitude towards sexual health, equally adopting health practices.

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