Psoriasis: Is Cannabis an Effective Treatment?


Are you suffering from psoriasis? It’s an auto-immune disease affecting people of all age groups and is characterized by the rapid growth of skin cells – leading to the build-up of dead immature cells on the surface of the skin. This accumulation can cause scales on the skin surface. Studies prove that cannabis has the potential to be an effective treatment of psoriasis because of its variant therapeutic properties. Cannabis plants contain more than 100 compounds called cannabinoids which are proven best at treating inflammatory conditions like psoriasis. So, when a person uses cannabis, the cannabinoids in the drug effect some of the bodily functions. Further, check out here how cannabis is a great source for psoriasis and a host of related skin disorders.

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

  • Red patches on the epidermis that are embraced with silver-colored scales
  • Cracked skin that can bleed
  • Burning, itching, or soreness
  • Dry skin
  • Joint swelling and stiffness

How cannabis is a solution for psoriasis?

Do you know psoriasis isn’t curable and thus can be difficult to control? Many studies have proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are very effective in controlling psoriasis. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are beneficial for moisturizing and softening the skin. Cannabis works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors present in the endocannabinoid system of your body. This interaction, in turn, helps regulate the immune system and inhibit the changes in the epidermal cell, and controls the unwanted cell growth and its accumulation on the skin surface.  

Here’s why cannabis can treat psoriasis

Slows the cell growth 

Research proves that cannabis helps slow the rapid growth of Keratinocytes. So, when you use cannabis-based products, the cannabinoids and their receptors present in these products limit the production of immature skin cells and aids wound healing in conditions like psoriasis.

Useful to control pain 

Cannabis is more effective than opioids in controlling acute and neuropathic pain. Thus, many people use cannabis for treating pain.

It is anti-inflammatory 

Cannabis is known to include anti-inflammatory properties and can treat a variety of skin conditions. Thus, people suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema use cannabis for redness and itchiness.

Helps to heal wounds 

One of the most painful symptoms of psoriasis is cracking and subsequent bleeding of the affected skin patches. And this where cannabis comes into a role, the cannabinoid receptors present in them plays an important role in wound repair.

Improves your mood 

It is believed that people with skin conditions are more likely to experience depressions, compared to people with other ailments. However, cannabis is proven effective in the treatment of depression/anxiety.

How to use cannabis for psoriasis?

The best way to treat skin problems is to use anti-inflammatory CBD topical. They are available in the form of creams, balms and lotions for treating psoriasis.

Final thoughts 

Psoriasis needs both internal and external treatment and some of the ingredients in cannabis show promise as a treatment for this skin disease. But you must consult a doctor before using any CBD products.

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