Progressive and Successful Group Fitness Classes Melbourne


Group fitness classes are quite popular and in high demand among the enthusiastic people who love to exercise in groups and keep their bodies fit. This could be any kind of exercise, aerobic or strength-based but you should have a personal trainer or instructor that leads the group and fitness exercises. Thus, group fitness means doing all types of fitness exercises in group settings. Group Fitness Classes Melbourne offers various group exercises including strength fitness training, core cardio and cycling.

If you are in a Group Fitness Training then it is always full of fun and group fitness is the key to all your happiness and enthusiasm. Listening to music and talking to friends along with group exercises is quite relaxing and enjoyable. It tends to keep you in a good mood all day without any pressure in your mind.

Types of group fitness classes in Melbourne

Though there are numerous types of Group Fitness Training and classes to carry out your daily exercises. It is essential to choose the correct type of fitness training that suits you the best and is quite safe while performing it. The group leader instructor will guide you to the most accurate and beneficial kind of fitness exercises according to your body posture.

Here is a brief discussion of some of the best and most popular group fitness exercises.


This fitness exercise is an excellent way to build strength and flexibility in your body. The fitness classes of the Pilates form of exercise are carried out in two ways: mat Pilates and reformer Pilates. Mat Pilates is typically performed on a mat placed on the floor. While the reformer Pilate is carried out to do the work out on a machine that uses various pulleys and strings and to cause greater resistance. But the motive behind these two workouts is to strengthen the movement and stretching of muscles.


Zumba is nowadays popular among all age groups as it is a combination of aerobics and is a dance-based group Fitness training. A variety of dance styles is combined with the Zumba exercise. It includes Hip Hop, Salsa, Tango and more.

The moves of Zumba are quite simple and are performed under the group trainer or instructor. It is an exercise class that is full of fun and enthusiasm and the person doing this exercise forgets everything and only focuses on work out.


Yoga is quite familiar among a lot of people and all age groups. This group exercise focuses on breathing, coordination, balance and flexibility of the body posture.

Step Aerobics

It is a type of fitness exercise where you go on and off to enhance your heartbeat rate and build your muscles and your lower body. All the basic steps of up and down movement are incorporated with various speeds. Initially, the step aerobics classes are quite tough but it goes with more fun when you are used to the steps of aerobics. You need an instructor or a trainer in the class where it demonstrates each move and step with the music.

The various benefits of group fitness classes and activities

Nowadays many gyms offer and provide Group Fitness Training and classes that are different from those in other gyms settings.

Some of the useful benefits to taking group fitness training and classes are:

  • It boosts your motivation and self-confidence if you head to take up the group fitness classes. The trainer or the instructor pushes and motivates you to do the fitness exercise that further helps to boost your morale. The trainer will provide you with all the assistance you need to get the desired result in fitness classes.
  • It is all about fun and socializing with various people in the fitness classes. You feel more enjoyment doing a workout with the flow of music that is quite exciting. The fitness classes carry out aerobic and cycling with high energy music and a positive social atmosphere.
  • In group training or fitness classes, you tend to make new friends and meet all types of people. Fitness training classes create an atmosphere of thrill and fun and at the same time you burn calories and carry out workout exercises easily and calmly.


Group Fitness Classes In Melbourne lead to a significant increase in physical and social exercises that is not possible for an individual at home. Each class of workout is planned and carried out with a warm, balanced and cool-down procedure that leads to a decrease in stress. Whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner, group Fitness Training Classes are the best way to work out and efficiently burn calories. Contact us today.

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