Helping Seniors With Physiotherapy


As you get older you may notice you are also having issues with movement, chronic pain and balance. Perhaps you have an older parent, who you notice complains often of pain and is finding it harder to get around. In a recent report, it was found that one in three Australians over 65 suffer from chronic pain. In another on care facility, over three-quarters of residents say they deal with persistent pain. But what many seniors do not realise is that seeing a physio, JW Physical Health could help them a great deal.

Common issues seniors face

When working with an experienced and qualified physio, seniors can go through a number of treatments including exercises to do daily at home. They will improve joint and muscle function, loosening stiff joints, performing massage on muscles that are tense and a number of other treatments like dry needling. Common issues that might take you to a physio include;

Lower back pain

One of the main causes of a negative impact on the movement in Australia and the world is lower back pain. As we age joints and muscles become less flexible it is then easier to strain or pull something and having something become stiff can lead to an injury. This is especially true if the senior has long periods of lying or sitting down.

Shoulder pain

Over time the rotator cuff, the collection of muscles at the shoulder joint can wear down or tear leading to pain and weakness.

Dealing with Swimmers Shoulder

Neck pain

The muscles at the neck are very sensitive and lying down for long periods weakens them. Their proximity to the brain means dizziness and headaches are common.

Knee pain

Knees support our weight but over time the cushion in the knee joints, and the meniscus can wear out and without the lubrication, pain happens and movement is affected.


When joints, especially in the hips, hands and knees are inflamed, the cartilage breaks down which can be a sign of osteoarthritis. It causes stiffness and pain, particularly in the mornings. Being physically active can help with this problem as can wearing physically supportive items. A physiotherapist can also help patients with osteoarthritis manage their condition.

Joint fractures and replacements

Unfortunately, a common problem as you age is joining fractures and the need for joint replacements, like hip replacement. It does ease severe pain but part of the recovery is to see a physio and as well as going through treatment also doing exercises at home. Early rehabilitation is very important to get seniors back up and mobile otherwise there is a risk of losing it.

Lung and heart disease

Another common health issue seniors can develop is heart and/or lung disease. Seeing a physio is not just for joints and muscle problems. Seniors with issues like swollen legs, fatigue, chest pain and shortness of breath can ask to see a physio to reduce the fatigue they are experiencing and to boost cardiovascular function.


It is completely understandable to want to find relief from pain when it is strong and impacts your mood and your life. When you have to manage it day to day you might want other options for drugs. They’re a Physiotherapist in Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Sydney or where you are is a great way to find relief with a treatment that is safe and involves no medication. If you are experiencing pain, you should of course also involve your doctor in any treatment decisions. They may have a physio they can refer you to.

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