Do’s and don’ts after Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne


Looking for a solution to get rid of the pain quickly after the Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne? Well, the patient need to certain things strictly after the surgery and those are listed in this article.

The third set of molars in your mouth is called wisdom tooth. It is very useful for you to chew the hard foods and give the proper shape to your skull. It is the last adult teeth that are grown in the age of 20-25 for most people. If these teeth are getting impacted, then you need to go for the Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne with the help of the dentist. Otherwise, it will spread to the other teeth and bring severe oral problems to you. To avoid this, you have to keep the routine of visiting the orthodontist at least 6 months once. Then only you can find the oral problems in the beginning stage and cure them quickly. In case you have been affected by a severe problem and completed the wisdom teeth extraction surgery, then you have to follow some regulations. This will help you to keep the oral health, refer below to know the dos and don’ts after the wisdom teeth removal.


Take some rest after the surgery

You have to take bed rest for a minimum of 2 days after your surgery. This will help you to avoid the complications and give a speedy recovery for you. Stay down your head elevated for the first day and do some mid activities on the next day. After 3 or 4 days you can do your regular work. In surgery, the dentist will repair the damaged parts, so it takes some time which will be possible when taking a rest.

Keep your teeth and mouth clean after Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

After wisdom tooth extraction, it is important to keep your mouth clean. Brushing your teeth properly will aid you to heal and prevent bad breath. And also it saves your oral health from infection or dry sockets, be conscious when brushing the parts where the surgery is done. Rinse your mouth gently and don’t try to wash it aggressively. It will hurt your inner parts and give you severe pain.

Have liquid and soft foods for some days

When you get wisdom teeth removal, you can’t chew the hard foods. So, have the liquid and soft kinds of foods to get sufficient energy. It will prevent you from the pain that occurs during munch the meals. Avoid eating the harder foods that might get trapped or damage the recovering area.

Take the medications properly                   

Your dentist will prescribe you some medications to heal the pain that you get after the surgery. If you intake the medicines well, it helps you to reduce the pain and swelling. You can also apply the ice pack to slow down the bump and minimize the ache. Never avoid the tablets and take them correctly as per the dentist’s instructions.

Don’ts after the Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne surgery

Stop drink or smoke for few days

You have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol after the wisdom tooth surgery for a few days. Otherwise, it will lead you to get severe damage to your mouth. When you get the teeth removed, a blood clot will form in that area until the connective tissues get formed. When you take alcohol or smoke, then the blood won’t clot there. It will result in a dry socket in your mouth.

Don’t poke into the gap

Don’t poke into the tooth removal gap with fingers, toothpick, or tongue. It will damage the place and slow down the healing process. It may provoke bleeding and results in a dry socket. It will bring severe oral problems and infection in your mouth. These holes will get filled with the new tissues, if you disturb them that will bring contaminations to that area.

Avoid using the straw

You should not use the straw until you have got a complete recovery from the wisdom tooth extraction. The reason is when you drink through the straw it will bring pressure to your mouth. It can dislodge the blood clot at the area where the teeth are removed. It leads you to the dry socket which will give more pain to your mouth.

Stay away from solid foods for some days after Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne                     

Don’t have any solid and hard food items after the wisdom tooth extraction. If not, the hard particles are getting trapped in the holes, and when you give the pressure to grind the meals that will result in severe problems. There will be chances for the stitching to get reopens and delay the recovering time. To avoid those risky factors, the patient should take only liquid items for few days without involving into further big issues.

Final verdicts

By following the above guidelines, you can get a fast recovery after the Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne surgery. We Holistic dental wisdom tooth dentistry help you to maintain your dental health properly. Here you will get the best wisdom tooth extraction surgery, and you will get better healing with the aid of our expert dentists.

An author has suggested few guidelines which the patients should do and shouldn’t after the Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne surgery.

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